Allahabad HC Lambasts ‘Adipurush’ Makers over Dialogues, Religious Sentiments Stir

Lucknow: The Allahabad High Court has reprimanded the creators of the film ‘Adipurush’ for its controversial dialogues, which have sparked outrage among a significant portion of the audience, accusing it of “hurting religious sentiments.” In response to a petition seeking a ban on the film, the court has directed co-writer Manoj Muntashir Shukla to be included as a party in the case. The court has issued a notice, granting him a week to respond.

The court expressed concerns about the nature of the dialogues in the film, emphasizing the significance of the Ramayana, a revered Hindu epic. The court asserted that certain aspects should not be touched upon in movies, as Ramayana holds immense cultural importance, with people often reading Ramcharitmanas before leaving their homes.

It also raised questions about the effectiveness of the film certification authority, commonly known as the censor board, in fulfilling its responsibility. It remarked on the portrayal of Lord Hanuman and Sita, stating that they were depicted disrespectfully in the film. The court suggested that such scenes should have been omitted from the outset and criticized the inclusion of scenes that seemed suitable for an adult audience, deeming it challenging to watch such films.

The court deemed this issue a “very serious matter” and demanded an explanation from the censor board regarding its actions. The Deputy Solicitor General informed the court that the objectionable dialogues had been removed from the film. However, the court stressed that removing dialogues alone would not suffice and asked the Deputy SG to inquire about the overall content of the film. The court stated that if the exhibition of the film was halted, it would provide relief to those whose sentiments had been hurt.

The court also addressed the respondents’ argument that a disclaimer had been added to the film. It questioned whether those responsible for the disclaimer considered the citizens and youth to be lacking intelligence. The court pointed out the irony of depicting Lord Rama, Lord Laxman, Lord Hanuman, Ravana, and Lanka in the film while denying its connection to the Ramayana. It commended the public for refraining from vandalizing theatres but cautioned against taking such matters lightly.

The court is set to continue hearing the case tomorrow.

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