UP Students Walk Down Ramp In Burqa, Muslim Body Demands Apology

Lucknow: A recent fashion show at Shri Ram College in Muzaffarnagar, where students walked the ramp wearing burqas to showcase creativity and promote “unity in diversity,” has sparked controversy. The event, named Fashion Splash, featured students presenting both Western and traditional attire. The burqa-clad walk aimed to represent various styles, but it faced criticism from the Jamiat Ulama, a Muslim body, which demanded an apology from the college.

Maulana Mukarram Qasmi, the Jamiat Ulama’s district convener, asserted that the burqa is a symbol of dignity and not meant for fashion. He accused the college of targeting a specific religion and threatened legal action if an apology was not issued. However, the college authorities have supported the students, emphasizing that the event provided a platform for creative expression.

The college authorities have defended the event, emphasizing its purpose to showcase creativity and inclusion. Students involved in the fashion show maintained that their intention was to represent diverse clothing styles and promote unity.

Despite the controversy, the college stood by its decision, reiterating its commitment to providing quality education to students of all backgrounds.

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