Petitioner in Gyanvapi Case Seeks Euthanasia, Alleges Harassment by Co-Litigants

New Delhi: Rakhi Singh, one of the five women petitioners in the Varanasi Gyanvapi Mosque case, has made a plea to the President for euthanasia due to alleged harassment from the other four litigants. The case involved a demand to allow Hindu prayers and rituals in the Gyanvapi mosque complex. Rakhi Singh has detailed the harassment she claims to have endured from the other petitioners and expressed her distress in a letter written in Hindi, urging the President to respond by 9 am on June 9.

Singh asserted that the other four litigants have been attempting to defame her and her family within Hindu society. She highlighted a specific incident in May 2022, where false rumours were circulated about her withdrawal from the case, causing her and her uncle, Jitendra Singh Visen, mental anguish. Singh accused certain individuals from the government and administration of being involved in propagating this misinformation, leading to her isolation within the Hindu community.

In light of these circumstances, Rakhi Singh concluded her letter to the President by requesting permission for euthanasia as a means to alleviate her immense mental pain and suffering.

This comes shortly after her uncle, Jitendra Singh Visen, who was one of the main Hindu petitioners in the case, announced his family’s withdrawal from all Gyanvapi-related cases due to similar harassment. Visen expressed regret over their involvement in the petitions, citing a lack of resources to continue the legal battle.

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