Indian Woman Safely Evacuated from Gaza via Rafah Border Crossing

Jerusalem: An Indian woman from Kashmir, Lubna Nazir Shaboo, and her daughter, seeking immediate evacuation from the conflict-ridden Gaza Strip, have safely reached Egypt with the assistance of Indian missions in the region. They crossed the Rafah border crossing between Egypt and Gaza on Monday evening and are currently in al-Arish, Egypt, with plans to move to Cairo on Tuesday, according to Lubna’s husband, Nedal Toman.

The Rafah crossing, the only exit route from Gaza, has sporadically opened in recent weeks for humanitarian supplies and the evacuation of foreign nationals and wounded individuals. Lubna had reached out for help on October 10, describing the dire situation in Gaza amid the conflict between Israel and Hamas. Following attacks by Hamas militants on October 7, Israel declared war with the aim of removing Hamas from power and freeing hostages held by the Islamic faction.

Expressing gratitude, Lubna confirmed that her name was on the list of individuals permitted to leave Gaza and thanked the Indian missions in Ramallah, Tel Aviv, and Cairo for their assistance. Earlier, she had described the intense bombardment, the scarcity of safe places, and the challenges faced by her family, including water and electricity shortages. After seeking help from the Indian Representative Office in Ramallah, Lubna and her family spent several days in the southern part of Gaza with acquaintances before being successfully evacuated.

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