K’taka Polls: ECI Urges Parties To Exercise Caution & Restraint During Campaign Speeches

All candidates from the National and State Parties as well as all Star Campaigners have been advised by the Election Commission to exhibit caution and restraint in their public remarks in order to preserve the integrity of the election. In light of the declining levels of campaign speech in the ongoing assembly election for the Karnataka Legislative Assembly, the Commission released this warning. Chief Electoral Officers were given instructions by ECI to abide by the advice and take prompt, appropriate action in accordance with the applicable legal and regulatory framework.

All parties and stakeholders must adhere to the Model Code of Conduct’s guidelines as well as the law while making statements during campaigns, according to ECI’s advisory. According to the panel, its goal is to preserve the respectability of political discourse rather than debase the environment of the election and campaign.

The Commission pointed out that the Representation of the People Act grants additional privileges to National Parties and Star Campaigners. The provisions of the Model Code of Conduct and other statutory laws, which set the stage and define the parameters of the anticipated campaign discourse, have been brought to the attention of the political parties by ECI.

Piyush Goyal, Minister of Commerce & Industry, applauded the ECI’s decision. He asserted that the Congress party is making offensive statements and unfounded announcements since it is trailing in the Karnataka Legislative Assembly polls.

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