Naxalites Target Construction Company in Chhattisgarh, Torch 16 Vehicles

In a brazen act of violence, Naxalites targeted a construction company camp in Bhansi, near Dantewada Jail in Chhattisgarh, setting fire to 16 vehicles, including earthmovers, in the early hours of Monday. The attack occurred at a camp established by the company near Bengali camp in Bhansi for the expansion of the Dantewada to Bailadila Road.

According to reports, a group of over 100 Naxalites arrived at the camp around 1 am and confronted the security guard on duty. After threatening the security guard, the Naxalites proceeded to set ablaze the construction vehicles parked at the camp. The flames quickly engulfed the vehicles, causing significant damage.

The attack did not stop at the construction camp. Reports indicate that vehicles involved in the doubling of railway tracks nearby were also set ablaze by the Naxalites. The audacious act of violence has sent shockwaves through the region, disrupting ongoing construction projects and raising concerns about the safety of workers.

Upon receiving information about the attack, personnel from the Bhansi police station rushed to the scene. However, by the time they arrived, the Naxalites had already fled, leaving behind a trail of destruction. SSP Rajkumar Varman, along with additional forces, reached the site to assess the situation and address the security concerns.

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