Brahmapur University in limelight: Wife beats professor with sandals inside office, video goes viral

Brahmapur: The English department of Brahmapur is in trouble. The video of assistant professor Anil Kumar Tiriya getting beaten by his wife is going viral on social media. While the professor of the English department was working in his office, a woman came, closed the door, and started beating him with a sandal. As the door was closed, the video was captured from the ventilation.

At around 11:30 on Saturday, while the lecturer was sitting in his room, a woman came, locked the room, and started beating the professor. For about half an hour, the professor got beaten. The faculties and other staff of the college were knocking on the door to open it. As the door was not opened, some staff and security officials were informed about the incident to the higher department. Some of the staff reached the spot and tried to resolve the problem. It was found that the female beating the professor was his wife and it was a case of domestic violence. After making both understand the situation, everything calmed down.

It is rumored that such an incident is the first incident at Brahmapur University. Domestic Violence had become so much that the professor couldn’t believe that he would come to the University and get beaten like this. It is also rumored that the reason behind it can be something different. However, before a complaint was lodged with University authorities and the police station, another associate professor of this department, T Ishwara Rao’s audio of confessing love to a student went viral. Now the said case is pending at the university.

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