Deficit Rain & High Temp in June, But Normal Monsoon This Year: IMD

New Delhi: India is to experience normal monsoon rainfall this year, predicted Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) on Friday. But the IMD added that June will witness deficient rains.

As per the forecast, rainfall in June will be 92 per cent of the Long Period Average (LPA) and most parts of the country are likely to experience higher than normal temperatures.

Monsoon season will set foot In Kerala on 4 June, a four days delay in comparison to normal arrival. According to the IMD forecast, rainfall is likely to be 96 per cent of the LPA over the country as a whole, where the normal range is considered between 96-106 of the LPA,  calculated at 87cm.

“Region-wise, northwest India is likely to see below normal rainfall, but all other regions, like central, northeast, and the southern peninsular region of India, will see normal rainfall,” said D.S. Pai of the IMD.

The IMD’s forecast comes amid predictions by private forecasters that this year’s monsoon in India will be worse than expected. On 26 May, The Weather Channel predicted monsoon to be 90 per cent of the LPA. In April, Skymet Weather, too, had predicted a lower than normal monsoon season. The reason behind these predictions is an El Nino, typically known to cause drier, drought prone weather, is likely to set in during the monsoon season.

However, according to the IMD’s forecast, a positive Indian Ocean Dipole – another climate phenomenon – may simultaneously develop, which could counteract the effects of the El Nino.

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