Green Triumph: IPL 2023 ‘Dot Ball’ Tree Plantation Campaign Surpasses 1.5 Lakh Mark

Ahmedabad: During the first qualifier match held on Monday, May 22, between Chennai Super Kings and Gujarat Titans, an exciting announcement was made on air. The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) had joined forces with the Tata Group to launch a remarkable tree-planting campaign for the final week of the tournament. This initiative aimed to contribute to environmental sustainability across India.

Under this unique collaboration, it was declared that for every dot ball bowled in the four playoff matches, a staggering 500 trees would be planted throughout the country. To symbolize this green endeavour, the dot ball markers displayed during the TV coverage of the tournament were replaced with tree symbols.

In the gripping first qualifier match, Chennai Super Kings secured their spot in the Sunday final, and an impressive total of 84 dot balls were bowled. As a result, an incredible 42,000 tree saplings were planted, reinforcing the commitment to a greener future.

The Eliminator match between Mumbai Indians and Gujarat Titans witnessed a thrilling showdown, leading to the dismissal of the Lucknow Super Giants for a mere 101 runs. Throughout the match, a noteworthy 96 dot balls were bowled. This outstanding performance by the bowlers resulted in the planting of 48,000 trees, further enhancing the environmental impact of the campaign.

In a remarkable display of bowling prowess, Akash Madhwal took a remarkable five-wicket haul during his spell, bowling 17 dot deliveries out of the 21 he bowled in the match. Consequently, Madhwal’s exceptional performance alone was responsible for planting 8,500 tree saplings, showcasing the immense positive influence of the initiative.

By the conclusion of the Eliminator match, the cumulative count of dot balls had reached 68, translating into an impressive 34,000 trees to be planted.

Likewise, in the Qualifier 2 between Gujarat Titans and Mumbai Indians, Mohit Sharma’s superb five-wicket haul also contributed to 68 dot balls being bowled. Consequently, another 34,000 trees would find their roots in the ground, furthering the impact of the tree-planting campaign.

As the tournament approaches its final match, an outstanding tally of 158,000 saplings have been committed to planting through the dot ball contributions, demonstrating the significant environmental consciousness and dedication of the BCCI and Tata Group in fostering a greener India.

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