Jettwings Airways: First Northeast-Based Airline to Start Operations in India

New Delhi: Jettwings Airways, the newest player in the aviation industry, has obtained the necessary clearance to operate Scheduled Commuter Air Transport Services in the country. The airline plans to commence operations from October, focusing on regional connectivity in the Northeast and Eastern regions.

Jettwings Airways aims to provide premium economy services using modern aircraft and aims to revolutionize regional connectivity while delivering superior service to passengers.

The government’s commitment to improving air connectivity through the Regional Connectivity Scheme (RCS) has enhanced trade and economic growth in various regions. Jettwings Airways recognizes the unique opportunity presented by the government’s UDAN scheme to improve connectivity and create economic opportunities in the Northeast.

The Chairman of Jettwings Airways, Sanjive Narain, expressed confidence in the company’s ability to make a positive impact on the region. The airline plans to begin operations as soon as it receives two aircraft, with a target of leasing at least five planes within a year. The company has allocated ₹100 crore for initial funding and intends to collaborate with government-suggested companies for aircraft leasing.

Jettwings Airways acknowledges the demand for reliable and high-quality service in regional connectivity and has assembled a team of experienced aviation professionals to meet this expectation. The airline also plans to introduce a loyalty program for frequent flyers. The company aims to establish itself as a reliable and sustainable airline deeply rooted in the Northeast, connecting important destinations in the region.

Sanjay Aditya Singh, the Co-founder and CEO of Jettwings Airways, emphasized the airline’s commitment to conducting business in India while catering to the unique needs of the Northeast. The company is working closely with the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) to complete the necessary formalities for Scheduled Commuter Airline operations. Jettwings Airways aims to become a trusted airline in the next few months as it prepares for takeoff, focusing on its mission of connecting the Northeast region effectively.

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