Google’s Ad Service under Scrutiny: EU Antitrust Charges Filed

Brussels: EU antitrust regulators have charged Alphabet’s Google with engaging in anti-competitive practices in its digital advertising business. This clash is particularly significant for Google as its adtech business contributed to 79% of its total revenue last year, amounting to $224.5 billion.

The charges come two years after the European Commission initiated an investigation.

EU antitrust chief Margrethe Vestager stated that selling part of Google’s adtech business may be necessary, as a behavioural remedy is unlikely to effectively address the anti-competitive practices.

The Commission’s objections centre around Google favouring its own online display advertising technology services over competing providers, advertisers, and online publishers.

The company’s dominance in the global ad revenue market, with a 28% share, further highlights the significance of this case.

Google had attempted to settle the matter earlier but failed to provide substantial concessions in a timely manner, leading to regulatory frustrations.

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