Honey Trapping and Blackmail: Irani Patra’s Arrest Sheds Light on Extensive Scandal

Bhubaneswar: The arrest of fraud-accused Irani Patra has unveiled a shocking web of deceit and extortion. Patra, along with her associates, is alleged to have defrauded numerous individuals of substantial sums through honey trapping and blackmail.

One of the victims of this scheme, a student preparing for competitive examinations, has come forward with a complaint filed at the Tamando police station. The student claims that Irani Patra demanded Rs 2 lakh from him under the threat of blackmail. According to his account, Irani initially invited him to her home, later accusing him of rape and subsequently demanding the sum.

The student’s reluctance to report the incident initially was driven by shame, but he eventually found the courage to file a complaint with the Tamando police.

Reports suggest that a wide range of individuals, including students, shopkeepers, doctors, builders, and political leaders, have fallen victim to Irani Patra’s honey-trapping and blackmail tactics.

Notably, the Tamando police had arrested Irani and her associates, Bapi Patra, Girija Harichanan, and Ganesh Pradhan, a few days ago. Further investigations into the case may lead to the accused being taken into police custody for additional inquiries.

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