Rare Dolphin Succumbs to Injuries During Rescue Effort at Paradip Fishing Harbour

Paradip: Tragedy struck at Paradip fishing harbour when a rare dolphin lost its life during a rescue attempt by local fishermen. The distressed dolphin, measuring approximately 4.5 feet in length and weighing 20 to 25 kg, was found injured in the storeroom of a stranded trawler at jetty number 4. Promptly notifying the Kujang forest department, the fishermen sought assistance in rescuing the mammal safely.

Unfortunately, due to a delay in reaching the location, the forest department personnel were unable to arrive in time, prompting the local fishermen to take matters into their own hands once the tidal wave receded. Tragically, by that point, the dolphin had already succumbed to its injuries, suspected to have been sustained from a fishing net entanglement or collision with the trawler.

Upon the arrival of forest department officials at the fishing jetty, the fishermen handed over the deceased dolphin. The dolphin’s body was subsequently transferred to the veterinary department for a postmortem examination. A department official emphasized that the exact cause of death could only be determined after receiving the postmortem report.

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