Video Of Lord Jagannath’s Idol Carried On Truck In Objectionable Manner Goes Viral


Balasore: After a video, in which Lord Jagannath was seen being carried on a truck in an objectionable manner in Jaleswar area of Balasore district, went viral, devotees have expressed strong resentment over the matter.

According to reports, the idol was tied to the rear part of the bamboo-laden truck with a rope while being transported to West Bengal from Balasore.

They also recorded a video of the matter, which has gone viral on social media platforms drawing sharp criticism from various quarters.

On the other hand, the owner and workers of the tent house which was transporting the idol have apologised for the incident.

On the other hand, the social worker said that the matter was disgraceful because of which he intervened. Stringent action should be initiated against those who hurt the sentiments of Jagannath devotees.

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