Vigilance Crackdown: Sub-Registrar’s Assets Under Scrutiny in Nayagarh, Details of Seized Properties Emerge

Nayagarh: In a coordinated effort, Vigilance teams simultaneously conducted raids at six locations linked to sub-registrar Saswat Kumar Pattanaik in Nayagarh. The searches were prompted by suspicions of the sub-registrar accumulating assets disproportionate to his legal income sources. As of the latest report, the raids are ongoing.

The properties associated with the sub-registrar include two double-storey buildings, six plots, and a four-wheeler. Among the seized assets are a 2,350 sqft double-storey building in Kendrapara town, another 2,100 sqft double-storey building in Talagaon, Kendrapara, and six plots in Cuttack, Jatni, Khurdha, and Kendrapara towns.

The landed properties encompass various areas, such as 0.046002 acre in Bhanapur mouza, Cuttack district, 0.055 acre in Baanra mouza, Cuttack, 0.02754 acre in Dhakhinamundamuhan mouza, Khurda, 0.0027 acre in Chhhanaghar mouza, Jatni town, Khurda, 0.55 acre in Narangarh mouza, Khurda, and 0.06 acre in Balarampur mouza, Kendrapara district.

Vigilance officials have disclosed that the measurement and valuation of the properties are underway, conducted by the Vigilance Technical Wing. It has been revealed that an advance payment of Rs 6,54,500 was made to two realtors for the purchase of land in the sub-registrar’s name, along with the acquisition of three two-wheelers.

A team comprising eight DSPs, six inspectors, and numerous Vigilance officials from Khurda, Bhubaneswar, and Nayagarh divisions participated in the house search. Saswat Kumar Pattanaik, stationed in Nayagarh district for the past year, became the focus of the searches based on a warrant issued by a special Vigilance court. The investigation is ongoing.

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