Get Ready, Onion Price to Soar High After Tomatoes

New Delhi: After tomatoes, consumers may get another shocker in the form of a rise in onion prices in August-September.

According to agricultural market experts, the price of onion may see an increase from Rs 30 to Rs 70 per kg.

It is because there was reduced planting of onions during the current season. This year’s winter crop, which caters to 70% of the annual demand, hasn’t been as robust as the previous year.

Usually, onion supply remains low during the months of August and September. Onion is not harvested during this period. The next onion harvest time is October.

Panic selling in February-March has led to expectations of significant declines in rabi onion stocks in the open market by the end of August, rather than September. This extension of the lean season by 15-20 days might lead to tighter supplies and higher prices.

The price of onion is expected to fall once newly harvested onion starts arriving in the market in October.

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