World Cup 2023, IND vs NZ Match May See Brief Rain Spells; Unlikely to Significantly Impact Proceedings

Dharamsala: The highly anticipated World Cup match between India and New Zealand in Dharamsala this Sunday may face interruptions due to the forecasted rain. However, the rain is expected to be of light to moderate intensity, unlikely to significantly impact the game.

An official stated that a western disturbance would affect the state, leading to scattered rainfall across Himachal Pradesh, including Dharamsala. The rainfall is predicted to be brief, ranging from 5mm to 10mm, and is unlikely to cause substantial temperature changes. Dharamsala recorded a maximum temperature of 26.5°C and a minimum of 13.2°C recently.

Dharamsala Weather Today; IND vs NZ Match

The Himachal Pradesh Cricket Association expressed confidence in the situation due to their world-class drainage system at the stadium. This system efficiently removes excess water from the field, allowing the outfield to dry within 10 to 15 minutes. During a recent match between Australia and the Netherlands, rain ceased around 3 PM, and the ground was prepared for play quickly, resulting in only seven overs per side being lost.

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