MS Dhoni Challenges Legitimacy of Defamation Plea Filed by Former Business Partners

New Delhi: Former Indian cricket captain MS Dhoni challenged a defamation suit filed against him by his ex-business partners, arguing it lacked merit as he had already initiated legal action against them. The Delhi High Court, while refusing to impose an immediate injunction, directed the plaintiffs to clarify their accusations and adjourned the hearing till April 3rd.

Mihir Diwakar and his wife Soumya Das, Dhoni’s former business associates, had accused him of making false and defamatory statements that damaged their reputation. They sought a permanent injunction and compensation from Dhoni, media houses, and social media platforms for publishing these alleged defamatory remarks.

Dhoni’s lawyers argued that the case against him was invalid, citing an ongoing lawsuit he had filed against the couple in Ranchi. They further claimed they hadn’t received the complete case documents and requested time to respond effectively.

The plaintiffs’ lawyer expressed concerns about biased media coverage portraying them as “thugs and thieves.” Media houses represented in court countered this claim, emphasizing responsible reporting and the need for specific allegations before proceeding. They also raised questions about the court’s jurisdiction in the matter.

Justice Singh instructed the plaintiffs to clearly outline their accusations against each defendant, including Dhoni and the media houses. The court will hear the case again on April 3rd after reviewing the revised complaint.

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