Orissa High Court Grants Divorce to Anubhav Mohanty and Varsha Priyadarshini

Cuttack: In a significant development in the marital discord between actor-turned-politician Anubhav Mohanty and actress Varsha Priyadarshini, the Orissa High Court has granted the divorce of the celebrity couple.

The High Court overturned the Family Court, Cuttack’s decision following a petition filed by Mohanty, citing non-consummation of marriage as the primary grievance. Mohanty’s counsel emphasized the court’s focus on the evidence, leading to the divorce approval, with no ruling on alimony.

The Family Court had previously rejected Mohanty’s divorce petition and Varsha’s plea for restitution of conjugal rights on September 22. Subsequently, Mohanty appealed to the High Court on October 17, challenging the Family Court’s verdict.

Alleging that Varsha had refused consummation and inflicted mental cruelty on him and his family, Mohanty’s case prevailed in the High Court, marking a resolution in the high-profile divorce saga.

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