Uttarkashi Tunnel Rescue: 2 More Metres Left, Air Force’s Chinook Helicopter on Standby

Uttarkashi: After 16 gruelling days trapped in the collapsed Uttarkashi tunnel, hope is finally on the horizon for the 41 workers as authorities inch closer to a breakthrough rescue operation. Preparations for the rescue are being meticulously orchestrated, with equal attention paid to the crucial aspect of post-evacuation care.

“Post-rescue care is of paramount importance,” asserted an official, highlighting the arrangements in place for swift air and road transportation of the workers to hospitals in Dehradun or the district. A dedicated medical team, comprising 41 ambulances (one for each worker) and two helicopters, stands ready for immediate hospitalization. Additionally, the Air Force, including a stationed Chinook helicopter in Chinyalisaur, is prepared for emergency airlifts should the need arise.

Acknowledging the potential psychological toll of the ordeal, mental health care has been prioritized. “Psychiatrists have been in close contact with the workers, providing counselling services in anticipation of their rescue,” the official emphasized.

The 41 laborers have been confined since November 12 when a section of the under-construction tunnel caved in. The trapped area, measuring 8.5 meters in height and 2 kilometres in length, has been secured with electricity and water supply.

In recent advancements, authorities have successfully delivered freshly cooked food to the trapped workers and established video communication, a significant improvement from their previous reliance on packaged food items.

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