Varun Dhawan As ‘Bhediya’ Mints 7.48 Crs On Opening Day

Mumbai: Varun Dhawan and Kriti Sanon starrer ‘Bhediya’ had a respectable opening weekend at the box office, earning Rs 7.48 crores on its opening day.

The movie was selectively released in Tamil and Telugu versions as well as in 3D as a special attraction, which helped the box office a little more. Naturally, one anticipated more from the behemoth given how aggressive and effective the promotion and marketing had been. The idea is also novel, interesting, and amusing. The Drishyam 2 wave, however, had an effect on the morning shows. However, there were favourable signs by evening, and that too by a greater percentage, making it obvious for the fans to be interested in the movie.

This Amar Kaushik-directed movie needs to maintain its pace for the entire weekend in order to make as close to Rs 30 crores as feasible. After that, weekday foot traffic must also be high in order to acquire a good lifetime number. The movie has made 12.06 crores in terms of global box office revenue.

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