Delhi Police Register Over 100 Cases for Diwali Firecracker Violations Despite Ban; AQI Takes a Toll

New Delhi: On Monday, Delhi Police took action against the violation of the Supreme Court’s ban on polluting firecrackers during Diwali celebrations in the national capital, registering over 100 cases. Despite the ban, instances of firecracker bursting were observed in various localities, contributing to a significant spike in the Air Quality Index (AQI).

Here is a breakdown of the registered cases across different areas:
– North-East Delhi: 17 cases
– Southern Delhi: 2 cases
– North District of Delhi: 8 cases
– East Delhi: 29 cases
– Shahdara area: 13 cases
– South-west area of Delhi: 28 cases

Notably, no cases were filed in Rohini and the outer northern areas of Delhi. The unauthorized bursting of firecrackers led to alarming AQI levels, with some areas exceeding 900. In the heart of the city, the India Gate area recorded an AQI level of 999.

Specific AQI levels were reported in other areas as well:
– Major Dhyan Chand National Stadium area: 999 (morning) and later decreased to 553
– Pusa Road area: 970
– Anand Vihar area: 849

The violation of the ban on polluting firecrackers not only resulted in legal consequences but also had a detrimental impact on air quality in the national capital.

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