K’taka Woman Abandons Infant at Home, Utilizes Free Bus Travel to Elope with Lover

Bengaluru: A woman, who is the mother of an 11-month-old baby, took advantage of the free bus travel service to escape from her home and reunite with her partner in the town of Puttur. According to the police, the woman’s family had become aware of her romantic involvement and had imposed restrictions on her movements, withholding both money and her mobile phone.

Originally hailing from Hubballi, the woman had developed a romantic relationship with a local labourer working in Puttur. Despite her family’s strong opposition, she was married off to another individual. Following her marriage, she was sent to live with her parents until she gave birth to her child. However, despite being married, she continued her affair with her lover.

The woman’s lover, who worked in Kadambadi village, had called her to Puttur with the intention of starting a new life together. The woman claimed that she was penniless and lacked the means to fund her journey. However, when the government announced the free travel scheme, she seized the opportunity and left her home, leaving her infant behind. On June 13, she embarked on the journey to Puttur using the free government bus service.

Realizing that she might have fled to Puttur, the woman’s parents followed her there. Upon inquiry, they discovered that their daughter’s lover was also missing from Kadambadi village where he worked. Subsequently, a formal complaint was filed with the Puttur police regarding this matter. The ongoing investigation has revealed that the eloped mother and her lover are currently residing in Siddakatte village.

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