IITians should focus their research on use of Bio-technology: Nitin Gadkari


New Delhi: Union Minister Nitin Gadkari on Saturday urged the young, talented engineering man-power of the country to do research on manufacturing green hydrogen from electrolyzing sewage water and bio-digestion of organic wastes. Speaking at a global leadership summit organized at IIT Bombay, the Union Road Transport and Highways Minister said that India should become an energy-exporting country in the future. He asked the IITians to focus their research on the use of biotechnology for the production of bio-CNG, bio-LNG, and green hydrogen from biomass.

The Union Minister said that India is moving towards the use of green hydrogen at a large scale hence there is a scope to prioritize needs-based research. He further said that researchers should come up with Import substitute, cost-effective, pollution-free, indigenous solutions.

He added that the new generation of researchers should identify the commodities being imported into the country and then focus on developing Swadeshi alternatives for those. He continued by saying that this will lead to a decrease in imports, and an increase in exports resulting in making our economy stronger.  He further said that proven technology, economic viability, availability of raw materials, and marketability should be considered for all research projects.

He also urged the IITians to prioritize research for forest-based industries, agriculture, rural technology, and tribal sectors in socially, economically, and educationally backward districts of the country. He stated that there is a need to identify the rural, agricultural raw materials which have the potential to bring about a revolution. He also said that this will bring about a lot of development and create employment opportunities.

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