6 Children Among 16 Rescued from Major Residential Flat Fire in Delhi

New Delhi: A fire broke out in a residential flat on the second floor of a building in central Delhi’s Subzi Mandi area on Sunday morning. The fire, which started on the second floor of a building, was reported at around 7:40 AM, and eight fire tenders were immediately dispatched to the scene.

A total of 16 individuals, including six children, seven women, and three men, were safely rescued from the affected premises. An LPG gas cylinder inside the flat exploded, adding a further layer of complexity to the firefighting efforts. However, the fire was successfully extinguished and no one sustained any serious injuries.

Local police were also notified of the incident, and a commendable rescue operation was launched, resulting in the safe evacuation of all 16 individuals.

An investigation is underway to determine the root cause of the incident.

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