I am not happy, want peace: Model who committed suicide

The city of dreams that also breaks many hearts has a shocking suicide case again.


Mumbai: Mumbai, the financial capital of the country, connects many dreams and breaks many dreams. In the dazzling world of entertainment, behind every laughing face there is a pain hidden. Shocking news is being heard once again from Mumbai. A model has taken her own life. Before committing suicide, the model expressed her pain in a suicide note.

A 30-year-old model committed suicide by hanging herself from a ceiling fan in a hotel room in Mumbai’s Andheri area. Versova Police has registered a case under ADR. The investigation of the suicide case is going on. According to the news received from the police, the model checked in at the hotel around 8 pm on Wednesday. On the second day the hotel waiter was ringing the room bell for room serviced. He called several times but the room did not open. Thereafter, the waiter informed the hotel manager. The manager called the police and gave the details. Soon after reaching the hotel, the police opened the room with the master key revealing that the model committed suicide by hanging from the fan.

A suicide note has also been seized by the police from the same hotel room. In the suicide note, the model wrote – Sorry, no one is responsible for this. Don’t bother anyone. I am not happy, just want peace. Versova Police has registered a case under ADR and sent the body for post-mortem. Is it the real reason to commit suicide due to not being happy with life or is it something else. Police is investigating it.

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