Payments of Folk Artists Enhanced by CM Naveen Patnaik

Bhubaneswar: Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik announced to increase the remuneration for folk artists involved in awareness programmes organised by Information and Public Relations Department.

This raise in payments will benefit artists of various folk forms like Daskathia, Pala, Ghoda Nacha and several other folk dance forms. The Information and Public Relations Department uses these folk dance forms to conduct various informational, educational, and communication programmes for the proper implementation of various government schemes and to create awareness about them.

According to the latest decision, increased remuneration has been announced for folk artists performing three performances for three hours in a day. The leader of the artists’ group will be paid Rs 1,000 per day and other members will be paid Rs 800 per day. In addition, the artists will get Rs 300 per person per day for their transportation and food.

According to the enhanced remuneration, artists performing ‘Daskathia’ were earlier paid Rs 200, now a two-person ‘Daskathia’ team will be paid Rs 2400.

Similarly, artists performing Pala were earlier paid Rs 350 and now a team of six artists performing Pala will be paid Rs 6,800 for each performance.

For Ghoda Nacha, the eight-member team will get Rs 9000 for a single performance instead of Rs 350 paid earlier.

The CM expressed that this initiative will be very helpful in protecting folk art and promoting artists.

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