Woman involved in last visit of Queen Elizabeth II caught everyone’s attention, know what the relationship is


Most people are hardly familiar with this name and this face before because only Prince Charles has been discussed as the successor of the Queen.

Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II died on the night of 8 September. After which preparations are now being made for her funeral. Before this, thousands of people who loved her are attending the last journey of the queen. Meanwhile, the Queen’s last journey from Scotland to London was taken out, in which the equal presence of a woman with the body of the Queen caught everyone’s attention. The question arose in everyone’s mind who is this woman and what is her relationship with the queen? Let us tell you in this report.

In the last visit of the Queen of Britain, a face was constantly accompanying the coffin of the Queen from Scotland to London. The mournful woman dressed in black with the Queen’s coffin as she headed to Holyroodhouse Palace in Edinburgh. The woman will also be present in military dress at the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II.

For many people, this woman is nothing less than a curiosity. But after a letter, the veil of this mystery was revealed. This letter has been issued from Buckingham Palace, the royal palace of Britain, which reveals that this woman is not modest, but the daughter of Queen Elizabeth II. The name is Princess Anne. Princess Anne is the only daughter of the Queen.

Most people are hardly familiar with this name and this face before. Prince Charles has been discussed as the successor of the Queen. People are familiar with his name. Now he has become king too. But after the death of the Queen, Princess Anne has come into public discussions for the first time. Princess Anne arrived at Buckingham Palace in London with the mortal remains of her mother and Queen Elizabeth II of Britain on the night of Tuesday 13 September.

This was followed by a letter from Buckingham Palace in the name of Princess Anne, which read – I have the privilege of sharing the last 24 hours of my dearest mother’s life. It is a great honor and privilege to be with her on her last journey. Witnessing the love and respect shown by so many people in this journey is also a special experience.

So the only daughter of Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II has been a witness to every moment of her late mother’s last visit. However, after the death of the Queen, her son Prince Charles has now become King Charles. He has been crowned. In such a situation, what will be the role of Princess Anne, it is not clear yet.

Princess Anne is known as the hardest working member of the royal family. Princess Anne was born on 15 August 1950. Princess Anne’s early education took place at Buckingham Palace. In 1963, Princess Anne was sent to a boarding school. Princess Anne helps more than 300 charities and organizations. Now on September 19, when Queen Elizabeth II will be cremated, according to tradition, people will see Princess Anne in military dress.

Only one member of the royal family will not have the right to wear a military dress on that day and that was Prince Andrew, who used to be the favorite of the Queen. But Prince Andrew lost that honor after being embroiled in a sexual harassment case in America. Most of Britain’s cinemas will be closed in honor of the Queen on the day of her funeral. While in some cinemas, arrangements have been made to show the photos of the Queen’s funeral live. The Queen’s funeral is going to be so grand that booking hotels in London have become 30 percent more expensive than on normal days.

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