Forest Officials Narrowly Escape 7 Landmine Blasts During Ganja Raids In Boudh

Boudh: Seven landmines exploded at Lakadpaju Forest in the Boudh district of Odisha, on Sunday while raids were being carried out by the Forest Department officials to unearth marijuana plantations. However, fortunately, the 50-member squad of the forest department was saved by a whisker.

A 50-member team from the forest department was in the forest to locate and destroy illegal ganja production. All of a sudden seven landmines exploded sequentially as they neared the pre-set ‘Death Zone.’ However, all forest officials escaped unhurt.

A few cables were seized from the spot. Meanwhile, it is still unclear as to who the perpetrators of this deadly incident were. Maoists and illegal ganja cultivators are suspected to be responsible for the blasts. It is alleged that Maoists promote illegal weed cultivation in inaccessible areas of Odisha.

Notably, the forest department has launched a campaign to eradicate illegal ganja farming that is taken up on hundreds of acres of forest land.

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