Oil Spill Suspected on Seawater Near Paradip Coast, IOCL Denies Allegations

Paradip: An oily substance was found floating on the seawater surface near Paradip coast on Saturday, sparking concerns among environmentalists.

Local residents woke up to frothier waves and green-coloured water, leading to suspicions that chemical effluent discharge from a nearby factory may be the cause. Environmentalists are worried about the potential harm this could inflict on marine animals.

Fishermen raise concerns

Srikant Parida, President of the Odisha Marine Fish Producers’ Association, visited the affected area after receiving information from fishermen. He observed the presence of the oily substance and noted that this issue extended from Paradip IOCL to Gahirmatha. He expressed concern over the added challenges facing fishermen, including low pressures and rising diesel prices.

IOCL and OSPCB investigate

Upon notification, officials from the IOCL oil refinery conducted an inspection of the site. Additionally, representatives from the Odisha State Pollution Control Board (OSPCB) collected water samples from various locations.

IOCL denies allegations

IOCL’s General Manager, Om Prakash, refuted the allegations, asserting that there was no leakage from their facility.

OSPCB confirms oily substance

Dibyalochan Mohapatra, a scientist from OSPCB, confirmed the presence of an oily sludge-like substance in the seawater near Paradip. Samples have been collected for further examination, and definitive conclusions will be made after analysis.

Importance of addressing environmental concerns

This incident underscores the importance of promptly addressing environmental concerns to safeguard marine ecosystems and the livelihoods of local communities.

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