Poverty & Social Cruelty Leaves This Keonjhar Woman In Lurch


Keonjhar: Keonjhar’s Badanai village recently witnessed a bizarre incident as a woman was compelled to dig her husband’s grave by herself due to the cruelty of others and her own poverty.

The incident’s video has reportedly gone viral on various Social Media platforms.

In a video that has recently gone viral on various social media platforms, a woman is excavating a burial trench. She describes her situation when a local enquired as to the motivation behind her deed.

It is understood that recently an individual named Bhanja Munda, a resident of the same village was ill, and his wife Pati Munda took her to the nearby Champua hospital. However, the Champua hospital authority referred him to the District Headquarters Hospital (DHH), Keonjhar, where he, unfortunately, succumbed to his illness.

After that, Pati was compelled to take out a loan to pay for the retrieval of her husband’s body.

Later, she had to dig a trench near her home to bury her husband’s remains because no one had shown up to support her.

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