Jajpur: Two Youths Slip and Drown While Bathing in Brahmani River

Jajpur: Two young men drowned in the Brahmani River on Tuesday while taking a bath at Gokarenswar Ghat, near Jaraka, under the jurisdiction of the Dharmasala police station in Jajpur district.

The victims have been identified as Govind Rana from Deoda in Dharmasala and Soumya Ranjan Maharana from Kumari near Jaraka. Both were close friends.

The incident occurred when the two friends decided to relax and freshen up at the river ghat after completing their work. Tragically, they accidentally slipped into the deep waters while swimming and were unable to resurface.

Local residents promptly alerted the fire brigade, who swiftly initiated a rescue operation. However, even before the arrival of the fire services team, local heroes stepped in, rescued the young men, and rushed them to Dharmasala Community Health Centre.

Despite the best efforts of the medical professionals, both individuals were declared dead.

The Dharmasala police arrived at the scene and initiated a formal investigation into the tragic incident.

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