Gurugram Firm Gives Day-Off to Staff to Cope With India’s Defeat in World Cup Final

New Delhi: To enable its employees to cope with the sorrow caused by Team India’s defeat in the World Cup Cricket Final, a Gurugram based company provided a day off to the aggrieved employees.

According to The Statesman, Diksha Gupta, a worker at the Gurugram-based Marketing Moves Agency, expressed her feelings on LinkedIn after Australia defeated England by 6 wickets in the World Cup 2023 final. “Today morning, I woke up with a message from my boss granting a one-day leave relaxation to everyone due to the impact of this loss. It was a surprise that none of us could believe until the official email arrived,” she revealed in the now-viral post.

She also posted screen grabs of the communication that her supervisor, Chirag Alawadhi, received, which said, “Hey Team! We acknowledge the effect that India’s defeat in the current World Cup is having on our teammates. The organization has chosen to provide a one-day leave relaxation in order to provide some assistance during this period. We think this will give everyone a chance to gather themselves and get better. We’ll return with more vigor. That was confirmed by the email that followed.

A Faridabad school has also delayed unit examinations for the World Cup Final.

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