YouTube Ventures into Online Gaming: ‘Playables’ Testing Underway

California: YouTube is reportedly conducting internal testing of a new product aimed at online gaming, according to reports. The product, called ‘Playables,’ is currently being tested by YouTube employees and features games like Stack Bounce, an arcade game where players must break layers of bricks using a bouncing ball.

Playables can be accessed through YouTube’s website on web browsers, as well as on devices running Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS mobile systems. While YouTube’s spokesperson acknowledged the company’s longstanding focus on gaming and experimentation with new features, they did not provide any official announcements at this time.

The integration of online games into YouTube’s platform aligns with CEO Neal Mohan’s strategy to explore new avenues for growth, especially in light of a slowdown in advertising spending. As a popular platform for game streaming and live game footage, YouTube’s expansion into online gaming could offer additional monetization opportunities for the company.

In addition to gaming, YouTube is also venturing into other areas of development. For instance, they are set to launch their first official shopping channel for live commerce in South Korea on June 30, as reported by Yonhap news agency.

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