New AI Tool Can Detect Diabetes from Voice Recording With Over 86% Accuracy

Now speaking a few sentences into a smartphone will detect whether a person is diabetic or not. Scientists from Klick Labs in the US have come up with this groundbreaking diabetes detection method by combining voice technology with artificial intelligence.

Scientists from Klick Labs in the US used six to 10 seconds of people’s voices, along with basic health data, including age, sex, height, and weight, to create an AI model that can distinguish whether that individual has Type 2 diabetes.

This new diabetes detection technology was published in the journal Mayo Clinic Proceedings: Digital Health.

Using signalprocessing, scientists were able to detect changes in the voice caused by Type 2 diabetes.

Around  90 per cent of diabetic cases are Type 2 diabetes, according to the International Diabetes Federation.

Yan Fossat, vice president of Klick Labs and principal investigator of this study, said the new non-intrusive and accessible approach offers the potential to screen vast numbers of people and help identify the large percentage of undiagnosed people with Type 2 diabetes.

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