Shocking! Kendrapara Municipality Operates Casteist Brahmin Crematorium

Kendrapara: it may sound unbelievable, but even in this 21st century the Kendrapara Municipality in Odisha is operating a casteist crematorium meant only for the Brahmins.

Ironically this 155-year-old municipality is said to be the oldest civic body in the state.

The writing on the gate of this casteist crematorium renovated and managed by the Kendrapara Municipality clearly states that is ‘Brahmin crematorium’. This special crematorium is located at Hazaribagicha locality in Kendrapara.

The people belonging to other perform cremation rites at another crematorium, which was also renovated by the Kendrapara Municipality recently.

“Yes, the issue has come to our notice and we are looking into it. Steps will be taken to set right the alleged caste discrimination,” Prafulla Chandra Biswal, Executive Officer of Kendrapada Municipality, was quoted by news agency PTI as saying.

The matter has drawn flak from Dalit rights activists and political leaders. Odisha Dalit Samaj has protested against the decision of the Kendrapara municipality to renovate and maintain a casteist crematorium meant only for Brahmins, as it promotes caste discrimination.

CPI(M) leader of Kendrapara said it is illegal for a civic body to run a crematorium only for Brahmins. According to him, people from other castes should also have the right to perform the last rites of their dear ones at the cremation ground.

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