Teens Shoot Schoolteacher Near Noida Over Personal Dispute

New Delhi:  A 26-year-old schoolteacher luckily escaped with minor injuries when he was shot at by two teenagers on Wednesday morning near Noida in UP.

According to police sources, the teens shot at the teacher because of some personal dispute.

At around 9 am on Monday Rakib Hussain, who lives in the Chand Wali Masjid Gali in the Surajpur area was on his way to Sushil Modern School, when two 17-year-old boys intercepted him around 100 metres away from the school in Sakipur village.

After holding a conversation with the teacher, these boys fired at him. Luckily a bullet grazed past an earlobe of the teacher. The injured teacher was rushed to a hospital and his condition was out of danger.

The police have launched a manhunt to arrest the duo involved in the attack.

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