Don’t ignore sensation in ears, know when to go to doctor


Sometimes a buzzing, tingling, or pricking feeling starts in the ears. After some time it also gets fixed on its own. But some people often feel a tingling in their ears. You know that this sensation in the ears is nothing but an infection of the ears. It should not be ignored because it can also increase the risk of dangerous tetanus disease. Fever can also occur due to an ear infection. According to the website, there are two types of ear infections. It occurs in the middle ear while another type of infection occurs in the ear canal which is called swimmer’s ear infection.

Due to an ear infection

Bacteria and viruses are the two biggest causes of ear infections. Streptococcus pneumoniae and Haemophilus influenzae bacteria are responsible for spreading ear infections. At the same time, viruses that spread cold and cold also enter the ear.

Ear infection symptoms

Feeling like a ringing in the ear. It seems that something is ringing in the ear. Apart from this, ear pain and fever also come. There is a feeling of irritability and bubbles in the ear. Along with this, there is a feeling of rubbing in the ear. Due to all these reasons, I cannot sleep at night.

When should go to the doctor

If there is a fever up to 102 degrees along with buzzing in the ear, then one should go to the doctor. Especially if this happens to the child, then he must be taken to the doctor. When fluid or sticky substance starts coming out of the ear, one should go to the doctor. Similarly, if the symptoms of the ears remain more than two-three, then they should not be ignored.

What is the treatment?

The doctor examines the ear by putting a machine in the ear. If there is an infection in the middle ear, then the body’s immune system cures it, but if it does not get better even after two-three days, then doctors recommend taking antibiotics.

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