Union Cabinet Passes Resolution to Congratulate PM Modi on G20 Summit Success

New Delhi: The Union Cabinet has congratulated Prime Minister Narendra Modi for his role in making the G-20 Summit a resounding success. The Cabinet resolution, introduced by Defence Minister Rajnath Singh, was passed unanimously.

The Cabinet recognized the successful hosting of the G-20 Summit as a source of national pride. Prime Minister Modi’s initiatives, including the launch of the Global Biofuels Alliance and the inclusion of the African Union in the G-20, were adopted with consensus.

The Cabinet noted that the G-20 Summit was a major diplomatic achievement for India. It showcased India’s growing global influence and its commitment to multilateralism.

The Cabinet also highlighted the positive impact of the G-20 Summit on the Indian economy. The summit helped to attract foreign investment and boost trade. It also led to the signing of several agreements that will benefit Indian businesses and consumers.

The Cabinet congratulated Prime Minister Modi for his vision and leadership in making the G-20 Summit a success. It expressed confidence that India will continue to play a leading role in the global arena.

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