Chinese fighter planes constantly violating Taiwan’s air defense zone, Taipei on high alert


Frustrated after US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s visit, China is repeatedly eyeing Taiwan. The Chinese army, which has violated Taiwan’s airspace several times in the last week, is continuously working to intimidate its neighboring country.

Taiwan’s Defense Ministry claimed on Friday that it has detected 24 Chinese fighter jets and six ships in its air defense zone. This action from China’s side comes two days after its army stopped large-scale military exercises.

Beijing launched a massive military exercise threatening to annex the self-governing island after Nancy Pelosi traveled to Taiwan against China’s wishes. His powerful fighter planes were also launched in the exercise. However, on Wednesday, China announced the end of military exercises.

Chinese state media Global Times reported that the PLA’s Eastern Theater Command said it had completed various missions during recent exercises around Taiwan. The Chinese military further said that it would conduct regular patrols in the Taiwan Strait. In response to the threat from China, Taiwan’s Defense Ministry said it was on high alert after the PLA announced a halt to the exercises.

A day earlier on Thursday, China once again threatened to attack Taiwan. Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin said, “Taiwan will only invite its destruction by collusion and provocation with external forces for independence, and those who support it will also be eliminated soon.” Their dream of Taiwan’s independence will never come true and any attempt to trample on national interests will fail.’

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