Standing under a tree when it rains can cost you your life


Weather is always unpredictable. No one can be 100 percent sure when it’s going to rain and when the weather will be sunny. When there is sudden rain we look for a settler. In such a situation one should not hide under a tree. It is very often seen that lightning usually strikes the trees and whoever is standing under it may lose his/her life or can get injured severely.

Lightning tends to strike the tallest object in the vicinity, so if it is a lone tree and there is lightning and thunder around you, avoid it. We were moving cattle one day over an 8000-foot pass, miles from home when a thunderstorm rolled in. We let the cattle sit and took shelter under a big fir tree until the storm passed. Lightning was intense; you would see a flash followed immediately by extremely loud thunder. Since there was really no place we could retreat to that wasn’t either in an open meadow, where we would have been the tallest objects or in the trees, which were taking hits, about all we could do was wait and hope the law of averages stayed in our favor. You should not stand under a tree during a thunderstorm because trees are tall and subject to being hit by lightning, which can cause them to explode due to internal steam production.

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