Monsoon Arrives in Kerala, Expected to Reach Odisha Around June 12

New Delhi: The Southwest Monsoon touched the Indian mainland in Kerala on Thursday. The arrival of monsoon in Kerala was delayed by a week this year. Usually, it arrives at the Kerala coast on June 1.

Because of this late arrival of the Monsoon in Kerala, the Monsoon will also reach Odisha late, forecasted weather scientists. Monsoon rains are expected to reach Odisha around June 12.

“Monsoon advances northwards, usually in surges, and covers the entire country around July 15. The NLM is the northernmost limit of monsoon up to which it has advanced on any given day,” as per the IMD. So, this year there will be a delay in the arrival of Monsoon in most parts of the country.

With the arrival of Monsoon, there has been widespread rainfall over Kerala during the past 24 hours.

Conditions are favourable for further advance of the Southwest monsoon into some more parts of the central Arabian Sea, remaining parts of Kerala, some more parts of Tamil Nadu, some parts of Karnataka, and some more parts of the southwest, Central, and northeast Bay of Bengal and some parts of northeastern states during next 48 hours, stated IMD.

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