Odisha Faces Double Blow: Rising Vegetable and Rice Prices Leave Consumers in Lurch

Bhubaneswar: Odisha consumers are grappling with soaring vegetable prices, and now the state’s staple food, rice, has also become more expensive. The cost of common varieties of parboiled rice has recently surged by approximately Rs 10 per kilogram. Just a few months ago, these rice types were sold at Rs 25 per kilogram, but now they are priced at Rs 35 per kilogram.

The General Secretary of Odisha Traders’ Association, Sudhakar Panda, has attributed the price rise to a shortage of rice in the open market. Although official figures are not available yet, he pointed out that rice varieties are sourced from around 400 rice millers across the state, who now claim to have insufficient stocks of paddy, leading to the current situation. Interestingly, the state government has allowed the millers to set the price of rice.

This unexpected surge in rice prices adds to the burden already faced by consumers dealing with high vegetable prices. As the state grapples with the challenges posed by the scarcity of rice, authorities and stakeholders may need to take necessary steps to address the situation and stabilize prices for the benefit of the people.

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