Odisha Government Announces Free Wi-Fi for Students, Enhancing Educational Access

Bhubaneswar: In a significant development, the government of Odisha has recently made a noteworthy announcement, declaring its decision to provide free Wi-Fi access to students.

The Higher Education department has revealed that this initiative will benefit students enrolled in colleges, universities, and technical institutions throughout Odisha by granting them free Wi-Fi connectivity on their respective campuses.

According to the Higher Education minister, Rohit Pujari, every student in higher educational institutions will be allocated 1 GB of data, allowing them to access the internet seamlessly. This commendable step to offer free Wi-Fi to students aims to enrich the overall quality of education, emphasized Pujari.

By implementing this program, the Odisha government seeks to empower students with reliable and accessible internet connectivity, enabling them to explore a vast array of educational resources, conduct research, and enhance their learning experience. This initiative is expected to have a positive impact on the academic growth and development of students in Odisha, fostering a technologically advanced educational environment.

The provision of free Wi-Fi for students in Odisha demonstrates the government’s commitment to embracing digital innovation in education and ensuring that students have equal opportunities to thrive academically.

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