Manhunt Underway as Accused Escapes Police Custody in Odisha’s Cuttack

Cuttack: In a dramatic turn of events, a 30-year-old man accused in a case managed to evade Kanpur police custody yesterday. The fugitive, identified as Bapuji Rout, a resident of Paika Barabati village, fled from the vicinity just before his scheduled appearance before Executive Magistrate Manoj Kumar Majhi’s court in Narasinghpur, Cuttack district.

Sources reveal that Rout’s escape unfolded during a delay in the court proceedings, which stretched from 3:00 pm to 7:00 pm. Alleged security lapses provided him with the opportunity to slip away unnoticed from the front of the local tehsil office.

A swift response ensued as a joint task force comprising Kanpur and Narasinghpur police initiated a widespread search operation to locate the fugitive. Despite their efforts, Bapuji Rout remains at large, eluding authorities.

Police officials continue their relentless pursuit to apprehend the fleeing suspect.

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