Life Sentence for Serial Killer: Over 30 Children Raped & Murdered in Shocking Case

New Delhi: A Delhi court has handed down a life imprisonment sentence to Ravinder Kumar, who stands convicted of the heinous crimes of kidnapping, sexual assault, and murder of minors.

The gruesome acts were committed over a period spanning from 2008 to 2015, with Kumar allegedly involved in over 30 such cases across Delhi, Haryana, and Uttar Pradesh. Shockingly, some of the cases also involved necrophilia. After an extensive six-year spree and an eight-year-long trial, the Delhi court delivered the verdict on Saturday.

Ravinder Kumar, originally from Kasganj in Uttar Pradesh, arrived in Delhi in 2008 in search of employment opportunities. His father worked as a plumber, while his mother was employed as a domestic help. Unfortunately, soon after his arrival, Kumar fell prey to drug addiction and was exposed to pornographic content on a video cassette, which triggered his sinister desires. The police reported that Kumar would engage in laborious work during the day and indulge in substance abuse in the evenings. He would sleep in a slum dwelling between 8 pm and midnight before embarking on his sinister quest for vulnerable children.

Kumar would wander through construction sites and slums, sometimes covering distances of up to 40 kilometres, in search of victims. He would entice children with small amounts of money and chocolates, luring them to secluded locations. Disturbingly, his victims ranged in age from as young as six to twelve years old.

Kumar’s first recorded act of horror took place in 2008, when he abducted, raped, and murdered a girl from the Karala area in Delhi. Evading capture by the police fueled his audacity, prompting him to continue his sinister acts. To eliminate potential witnesses, he frequently resorted to murder. Mindful of the risk of being identified, Kumar ensured he never repeated his crimes in the same area, constantly fearing arrest.

In 2015, DCP Vikramjeet Singh of the outer Delhi district led the investigation into Kumar’s crimes. Upon his capture, Kumar willingly divulged detailed information about each of his offences. He even accompanied the police to approximately 15 locations where he had committed his atrocious acts.

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