The hyena pounced on the goat, leaving the villagers in a state of panic


Balipatna, (Odisha Bhaskar): In Malhara village under Baliatna police station, a hyena jumped and killed a goat from Sanju Bhoi’s goat herd in the said village. It has been reported that the locals abandoned the goat and went into the forest due to the disturbance.

According to information, while Sanju Bhoi was grazing goats at the village head of Malhara Bhoi Sahir, a Hyena came out of the local forest and bit the trunk of a goat.

When the people saw it and cried out, the tiger went away leaving the goat. When he entered the forest with a stick and rescued the goat, blood was flowing from the goat’s trunk and by that time the goat had already died.

After the incident was publicized, there was a crowd of people. After hearing that the hyena has been killed, there is panic in the local area. Later in the evening, her door fell. It has been heard from local people that they are afraid of domesticated animals. However, last year, hyena and its footprints were seen in Dhanhara, Malahara area.

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