Bhubaneswar Bars, Nightclubs Flout Regulations: Commissionerate Police Cracks Down

Bhubaneswar: In a crackdown on errant bars and pubs, the Commissionerate Police of Bhubaneswar conducted surprise raids over the weekend, uncovering serious violations of established guidelines. The inspections revealed a concerning trend of bars operating beyond their authorized closing times, particularly in the Patia and Chandrasekharpur areas, where many establishments were found serving patrons until 2:30 AM.

A dedicated team of police officers carried out extensive inspections at bars and nightclubs in several key areas, including Chandrasekharpur, Patia, Cuttack Road, Mancheswar, and Infocity. Sources indicate that the authorities are preparing to take action against the owners of these venues for their blatant violations of regulations.

It is imperative that bars and pubs in Bhubaneswar adhere to the prescribed operating hours to maintain order and safety within the city. The Commissionerate Police has vowed to continue its crackdown on errant establishments and ensure that all businesses comply with the law.

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