Contact with aliens possible soon! Scientists are constantly receiving signals from space


New Delhi: Space researchers are constantly exploring new directions to find life on other planets. Along with this, the spacecraft of different space agencies are continuously moving in space and keep capturing every moment.

Today we are going to tell you such news which you will not be able to believe. Scientists have found some mysterious radio webs coming from space that is completely different from any normal radio webs.

What did the scientists say?

Regarding these radio signals, the space researcher said that they are being received from a distant galaxy. It is being told that it has been recorded through China’s Five Hundred Meter Aperture Spherical Radio Telescope (FAST). Fast-recorded 1863 signals for 82 hours. For which Fast took about 91 hours. The place from which these signals are coming is called FRB 20201124A. The source of these radio waves is said to be a neutron star.

Scientists are blown away by the signal

America and China are known to compete with each other but there is one more thing that will surprise you. Let us tell you that America and China are working together on the study of signals. Some people speculate that these may be signals coming from another world. These signals have surprised scientists. Along with this, some people have a theory that they were sent by someone from another world.

The search for life in space

Apart from China’s Fast Telescope, NASA’s James Webb Telescope and Hubble Telescope are also constantly rotating in search of such radio webs. Recently, NASA’s Hubble telescope discovered a group of stars, and the Hubble telescope received a lot of praise because one of the special things about this group of stars was that many young stars were seen in them.

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